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Hey, it's me. I know I didn't call, or text and I didn't even attempt to send a carrier pigeon, but can we start again? I know it's been years, but can we go right back to where we were? With the book reviews, the rambling about my newest breakdown and the TV shows that are giving me joy. Can we do that? I can't promise I'll be much better, things have gotten tough since we last spoke. I've lost people, changed jobs, been officially diagnosed as neuro-divergent, oh, and the small matter of that global pandemic. What I can promise is that I'll try, try to be present, try my best, try to engage. Will it be perfect? No, probably not. Will I be happy? Eh, not all the time.  But I'll be more me, whether that's absolutely chaotic or utterly jubilant. Stick around, see where this blog goes, where I go, and how  I go. Toodles. - Georgia goodreads ,  twitter ,  instagram  

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