Sunday, 6 November 2016


So it's finally November; it's a new month, a new start, and a new FEELING CRAP post. I mentioned in my previous post how I've been feeling under the weather lately, I'm much better psychically, being truly cured of my awful head cold, but my sleep is still out of whack and leaving me exhausted and stressed, add on the cold weather and dwindling amounts of sunlight and I've been really really miserable. However, I have decided to be a well-functioning adult and focus on the good things in amongst the bad, and there has been a few, mostly relating to my version of self-care (i.e tv and food). It's hard to be positive when things aren't great and you feel like pretty crappy, but keeping track of the good things can help make things feel just that little bit better, so, here's four things that have made me happy this week, when I've not been sleeping that is.

I dunno where my thing for Korean dramas started, but I've fallen for them hard, particularly the medical drama ones. While I was meant to be revising for my final uni exams I was sat binge watching My Love from Another Star, I just finished Doctors Crush and already have quite a few new series lined up (including Descendants of the Sun and Blood. There's something about Korean dramas that is so addictive I can't help but binge watch them, something I don't do often, finding myself bored with a lot of series eventually. My cat also sits and watches them with me so that helps.

I really like coffee, hot or cold it's a glorious nectar of instant energy. I have really bad problems sleeping and find waking up in the morning hard so caffeine in the glorious form that is coffee is a lifesaver. I usually have my coffee really milky, something I've realised is a pretty bad habit so I'm slowly weaning myself off of sugar to sweeteners, then one day I'll have it au naturel, but right now I'm too much of a wuss. I'm currently in the predicament of being really big into chilled coffee right now but it being really unseasonable. 

My name is Georgia I have a shameful relationship with ramen, I can't even blame it on my uni years because I had a thing for it way before then, uni just introduced me to the godsend of noodles that is Demae Ramen, (thank you Tesco's world food section). My prep of ramen, as with my food tastes, has evolved from my early years of adding just the flavour powder and hot water, so it's not as shameful as it used to be. I do add veg to it...sometimes. I dunno why, but ramen is just the most comforting food for me, so now that it's getting cold I'm unashamedly eating far too much ramen under the guise of well it's pretty cold and this is sorta like soup. Don't judge me.

I think there's a really distinct theme going on here: it's been cold and I've needed to be cosy. Pretty much all my free time is spent underneath a myriad of blankets looking like a less-wrinkly E.T. I like winter, but the pretty inconsistent British Weather drives me mad and I wasn't prepared for the sudden drop in temperature. Thankfully I hoard blankets so I think i'll survive. Please excuse me, I'll be going back to my blanket fort~

And that's a few things that have helped to cheer up grumpy Georgia this past week. What's made you happy lately? What do you do when you feel under the weather to make you feel better? I'd love to know! Please don't hesitate to comment or get in touch with one of my social networks below!

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