Tuesday, 1 November 2016


It's November! Wehey! Maybe, just maybe, this will be the month I'll start to feel less crappy like I have been since September. I've been plagued with bad colds, insomnia, anxiety and migraines since about mid-September, right when I should have been jumping into post-grad life with two hands and no mercy. Safe to say, that hasn't happened. I've had a couple difficult months with my health and it's a right pain, I haven't been able to blog as much has I wanted, finding it hard to find the energy and concentration to complete my posts or start new ones, which seeing as it was Halloween and I had loads planned this was extremely annoying. I've decided to not dwell on it too much though now that November has rolled round; I can make up my for my lost posts, it's not the end of the world, and it's okay to succumb to feeling crappy sometimes, you can't always help it. With this in mind I decided to set myself some goals for November. Due to my recent health issues they mostly relate to my well-being, being ill for such a lengthy time made me realise I had been neglecting myself pretty badly since graduating. I did have a pretty good thing going for fitness and healthy eating back at uni which made me feel fantastic, so it's all about jumping back into that again and letting my yoga mat get some use for the first time in forever. So here's my to-do list for November, wish me luck!

1. Work out a fitness plan...again.
2. Hit 80 books on my Goodreads Challenge
3. Get a tattoo!
4. Cook/take my grandparents out for a meal once a week.
5. Start learning a language.
6. Meditate everyday.
7. Make a night routine.
8. Get a decent skincare routine.
9. Drink 3L water a day.
10. Have a couple smoothies a week as you have damn too much fruit in the freezer. 

What have you got planned for November? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message on one of my social networks below!

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